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The 7 Best Marketplaces to Sell Your Used Car

When it comes to selling your used car there are so many options and ways to go about it that it can be confusing. Do you slap a sign in the window and cross your fingers that someone calls you on it? Do you go to CarMax and get offered way less than what it is worth? Or do you trade it to a dealer and lose more money?

All of these methods are viable, but if you choose to go about selling it on your own, there are a few places that make it easy. Selling a car by owner is the best way to get the most money for your car.

Selling a used car can be stressful, but it does not have to be. Here’s a list of the best marketplaces to sell your used car.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is first on the list as my top pick. This is a great choice and alternative to using Craigslist as it is safer. It’s easy and free to list and the seller has to post with their public profile. With Facebook you know exactly who you are buying from! Not only can you post your car in marketplace, but you can idd your listing to groups as well. This comes in handy. One example is if you are selling a Ford Mustang you can post it in a Mustang group, etc. Same goes for any other car. There are groups out there for basically everything.


Craigslist is a great place to list your car if you simply just want to get more exposure. I would be careful as it’s difficult to know who is contacting you and lots of scammers tend to reply. Posting a listing is no longer free but it is super cheap. They did this to prevent an increasing number of reposts and spam listings.


Ebay is a great place to sell your car as millions of people search there every month. You can set a price for your listing or list it as an auction with a reserve. A reserve allows you to not sell unless the auction hits that price.

Auto Trader

AutoTrader is probably one of the best and more traditional mainstream marketplaces to list your car for sale. Dealers and private party sellers use it. You can also guarantee that anyone searching on the website is a little more serious about buying a car. Make sure you have great photos, description and history of the car so you can stand out from the thousands of other cars listed. is similar to AutoTrader but I would say there’s a bit less private party sellers than AutoTrader. which can be good if you have a clean car to sell. It’s free to list so it never hurts to have your car in as many places as possible.


OfferUp is one of the best places to buy stuff private party. Not only do they have a website but they make things easy with a really simple app that millions of people sell through every month. This is really great as it has buyer/seller ratings and is usually full of serious buyers. They have a huge section for cars and more people are using it every day.


Bringatrailer is a bit unique as it’s a great place to sell a car if you have something more unique, special or collectable. BAT as it’s called is full of serious buyers with money to burn. If you have a cool car then this is the place to go to sell it. It’s less mainstream and cars sell via auction real fast. I highly suggest this one!

Sell your car through FlipRide

Selling a car private party has always been tedious and complicated, until now.

When you sell a car using FlipRide, all of these annoying little details are taken care of for you. In minutes, not days. We take care of the title transfer, sale agreement contract, get the buyer a loan, and pay the seller. See how it works and get in the express lane.