Sell a Car

Close the deal.

Sell your car, transfer the title, and get paid. It’s never been this simple, and it’s completely free for Sellers. Get started today.


Forget cash, checks and other strange offers.

FlipRide is the safest way to get paid for your car. You’re here to sell your car and get paid, not got ripped off.


Get paid directly to your bank account via ACH Direct Deposit.


Transfer the title automatically.

Transferring the car title can sometimes require you to go to your bank or DMV, or to fill out complicated forms. Wouldn’t it be easier to to have FlipRide take care of this, for free?
$ 18,000

Get more money than a dealership would give you.

Car dealerships will always pay you less for your car. It’s an old business model, and we’re here to change it.

It’s free to sell your car.
Get more than a dealership will give you.
Attract more buyers with FlipRide’s car loans.


How long does it take to get paid?

There are 2 ways to get paid. ACH deposit to your bank that takes 1 business day with an option to pay $20 to process the ACH same day. You can also get paid by check.

What do I need to sell with FlipRide?

Title or title information. Name of bank if car is financed. Miles on the vehicle and VIN number. Read this article on how to find your VIN if you don’t know where it’s located.