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How to Add FlipRide to Your Facebook Marketplace Listing

Here is how to get more activity and serious buyers on your Facebook Marketplace listing.

We created FlipRide so you can now offer financing to anyone buying a car from you. The buyer can get a car loan, you get paid fast, we transfer the title, and create a sales agreement in minutes.

In your listing let people know the car can be financed with FlipRide.

Use the following text and add it to your Marketplace listing description. Just copy/paste.

Finance and purchase this car using the FlipRide app! Message me for details.

Add these 2 images to your listing as your last photos.

Posting a potential monthly payment will get people’s attention.

Use this calculator to find the buyers monthly payment and put it in your listing copy.

For example: Asking $15,000 or $250/month with FlipRide.

Auto Loan Calculator
Your Auto Loan Info
Loan Amount ($)
Interest Rate (%)
Length of Loan (Yrs)

Include the following information about FlipRide in the posting so the potential buyer can learn more.

What is FlipRide?

By using FlipRide to buy this vehicle, you can easily get financing, transfer money, fill out all the paperwork and get a buyer-seller agreement all in one free, easy-to-use mobile app.

Want to know more? Here’s how FlipRide works, in a nutshell!

It’s free to sell with FlipRide.

Sell your car, transfer the title, and get paid. Download FlipRide today to see what it’s all about.

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