10 Cheap Cars That Will Make You Look Rich

Cars have been a symbol of status and money since the early 1920s. When automobiles first became available to the public, only the wealthy were able to afford them. Automobiles were a rarity back then and those that were driving around in cars were seen as the wealthiest people in town.

Much has changed with cars in the last century, yet there is still a sense of wealth and status tied to vehicles. The luxury car market, which is considered as a car that goes above and beyond the basics, is kind of unbelievable. In 2019, luxury car sales generated an estimated $10,657M and accounted for just 6% of the US car market. That’s a whole lot of money for a small percentage of sales.

Luxury cars are thought of as only being for the rich and famous, but that’s not necessarily true. If you’ve always dreamed of rolling through town in Beamer or pulling up Porsche, but thought that dream is way out of your budget, think again. Buying a used luxury car can be a game changer.

Here are ten rich cars that you can buy on a budget:

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 Miata has always been the best of both worlds. It’s an inexpensive, sporty two-seat convertible with excellent handling and balance. It’s been a favorite for weekend warriors and amateur racers since its inception and is truly one of the best cars money can buy. You can find the new Mazda MX-5 Miata for under $30k, with used prices averaging just below $16k.

There’s four generations of the MX-5 Miata and though there are differences between each generation, you can’t really go wrong. The original is arguably the most charming model with a drop top fabric roof and pop-up headlights. The second generation brought fixed headlights, a rear window and nice interior upgrades. Mazda started back to the basics for the third generation, upgrading the car’s foundation and re-styling its look a bit, adding in features like a power retractable hardtop roof and automatic climate control. The fourth generation, which includes the brand new 2020 MX-5 Miata, is shorter and lighter than its predecessors yet still keeps the sleek minimalistic feel that the MX-5 Miata is known for. The latest models have an upgraded engine, interior and technology upgrades and the latest safety features.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a classic luxury car for many good reasons — the price point is just the cherry on its drop top.

2019 BMW X1

BMW has long been synonymous with wealth. However one of the most affordable options from the brand, the 2019 BMW X1, can be found used for around $30k. It boasts a spacious cabin, good fuel efficiency, a powerful engine and more advanced safety features than the two previous model years.

A potential downside is the interior synthetic leather upholstery isn’t quite as luxurious as competitors. If you’re set on owning a BMW, this is the perfect budget-friendly Beamer.

2008 Jaguar XK

Though it’s a bit past its prime, the 2008 Jaguar XK is a classy car that has all the luxurious touches without being too flashy. You can pick one up used for $10k to $20k, depending on condition.

On top of being a head turner, the Jaguar XK is incredibly fun to drive and keeps sports car fans coming back for more. The powerful V8 engine makes it easy to go from calm city cruiser to graceful sports car in seconds. Despite being fabric, the convertible top is well insulated and keeps wind and noise to a minimum. Inside you’ll find stitched leather upholstery and wood interiors that ooze elegance without going overboard. A great option for those that want a modest luxury vehicle that doesn’t skimp on speed or power.

2013 Cadillac ATS

Cadillac is another brand that has made its mark in the luxury vehicle world. The 2013 Cadillac ATS is a luxury sedan that rivals the BMW Series 3 and challenges the thought that Cadillacs are exclusively large, businessman cars. The ATS features standard rear-wheel drive, eight airbags, rear automatic braking and some sweet bells and whistles like hands-free connectivity, Bose speakers and automatic climate controls. Upgrades are seemingly endless and vary based on which of the four available trims you go with.

For a car that started at $35k, you can find a used 2013 Cadillac ATS for less than half of the original price tag, right around the $10k to $15k.

2020 Audi A3

The only brand new car on our list, the 2020 Audi A3 is right in the sweet spot of super cool and super affordable. Starting at $32k, the 2020 Audi A3 has an incredible price point for all that it offers. The A3 has a long list of impressive standard features, a lavish interior cabin and powerful engine options. The biggest criticism of the Audi A3 is lack of trunk space and a rather small back seat. But hey, maybe that’s your excuse to leave the kids at home for the weekend getaway.

As Audi’s smallest model, the Audi A3 is marketed as an entry-level vehicle but hardly feels like such. Those looking to buy a luxury vehicle on the newer side, the brand new Audi A3 is the best deal out there.

Vaydor G35

At surface level, the Vaydor G35 seems too good to be true. Coming out at a total of around $15k, the Vaydor G35 is actually an Infiniti G35 outfitted with the Vaydor body kit. You start with a 2003-2007 Infiniti G35, which cost around $4k, and replace almost the entire original body with the Vaydor kit, which is priced at $11k.

While the Vaydor kit takes care of the head turning, the reliability of the Infiniti G35 is really what makes it such a sweet deal. The short list of desirable features includes a 280-horsepower V6 engine, rear wheel drive, and optional six-speed close-ratio manual transmission.

The Vaydor G35 is truly one of a kind stunner. It’s a true movie star car — The Joker drove a bubblegum pink Vayder G35 in Suicide Squad. Buying the Infiniti G35 and the kit separately is definitely the cheaper route, though you can find pre-assembled Vayder G35s for sale with a hefty price tag of $75k or more.

2014 Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes has been a leader in luxury vehicles for, well, forever. The 2014 S-Class really sticks to the definition of luxury by going way above and beyond the basics. Even with all the niceties you could dream up, the 2014 Mercedes S-Class can still be found used for as low as $30k. Though you can expect to pay more for higher trims.

With the classic Mercedes emblem adorned on its hood, the 2014 S550 comes standard with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a seven-speed automatic transmission. Inside, leather upholstery and handcrafted wood accents are just the tip of the iceberg. Standard features include push-button start, a 13-speaker Burmester surround sound system, two 12.3-inch displays, a navigation system, wireless connectivity, a Wi-Fi hot spot, and more. Some models have posh upgrades like massaging seats, heated armrests and doors, heated and cooled cup holders, and a cabin air purification system.

While it does scale towards the higher end of pricing for this list, the 2014 Mercedes S-Class is one of the most swanky vehicles you can buy without breaking the bank.

2002 Maserati Spyder

The 2002 Maserati Spyder marked the end of Maserati’s decade-plus absence from the US market. The two-seat convertible roadster has hardly lost its power status since hitting the US, yet the years have brought its price point way down. You can easily find a used 2002 Maserati Spyder for under $20k.

Being a renowned Italian brand, Maserati incorporated touches of Italian flair like fine leather and stylish design to the Spyder. The fully automatic soft top hides under a hardcover, adding to its sleek body design. Inside you’ll find a high-grade cockpit with top-notch interior leather upholstery that comes in 10 colors.

One thing to note is that Maserati only released a couple hundred Spyders in the U.S. If you’re able to find one, they’re an excellent luxury vehicle at a low price point.

2011 Porsche Cayman

For a fast, fun ride from a classic luxury brand, look no further than the 2011 Porsche Cayman. A true sports car, the Cayman has outstanding handling and balanced steering that demonstrates the precision that German engineering is known for. These days, you can find a used 2011 Porsche Cayman for right around $30k. Not bad for a ride that’s fast, powerful and reliable.

The seemingly only downside to the 2011 Porsche Cayman is the small cabin. It really is cramped compared to other models, but if you are looking for something you car drive solo and high speed, definitely consider the 2011 Porsche Cayman.

Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 has been a contender for small luxury cars due to its affordable price point, sharp handling, swift acceleration and high end interior. The new 2020 model starts at $35k, which isn’t bad for a luxury vehicle. The 2019 model can be found for under $30k and shares many similarities with the brand new version.

In addition to a sleek body, the Genesis G70 has a powerful engine, awesome brakes and a long list of great standard features. It’s also scored well when it comes to reliability. It’s few drawbacks are not great fuel efficiency, a cramped backseat and small trunk space. But if it’s just you and a passenger, you don’t have much to worry about.

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Hello Open Road: The Best Car for Every Kind of Road Trip

Spring is here, which is the unofficial start to road trip season. The weather is warming up, the wildflowers are blooming, and the open road is calling your name. Hands down, the best part of road trips is the freedom. Don’t have a set destination in mind? No problem. No passengers? No big deal. The one thing you do need? A reliable vehicle.

Nobody wants to deal with car trouble, especially on a road trip. Depending on what kind of road trip you are taking (or dreaming of taking), your needs and “must-haves” may vary. The one thing that is certain: you need a car that is reliable.

Here’s the very best cars for every type of road trip.

Best For Taking Roads Less Traveled: Jeep Wrangler

It seems like Jeep has been synonymous with off-roading for as long as it’s existed. Jeep is known for making super durable, reliable vehicles and has become a highly sought after in the used car market. The Wrangler has 10.9 inches of ground clearance and control that makes it feel like it was made specifically for climbing over rocks, up hills, and through rough terrain — which isn’t far from the truth. The option to remove the top and doors is the icing on the adventure cake. Jeep Wrangler is one of the best road trip vehicles you can buy, especially if you are looking to go off the beaten path.

Best For Adventuring with the Fam: Toyota Sienna

Despite being the only van that offers 4-wheel drive, there’s more to the Toyota Sienna that makes it an awesome choice for adventurous families. Known for functionality, reliability, comfort and style, it’s great for both short trips and extended adventures. With up to eight seats, there’s plenty of room for your people without compromising space for all your gear.

Best for the Eco-Friendly Explorer: Chevrolet Bolt EV

It’s not your typical Chevy, but it’s easy to see why so many are applauding this compact electric vehicle. In addition to easy handling and a spacious cabin for passengers, the Bolt has a whopping 238-mile range with a fully charged battery — double than most of its rivals. That means you can set out and enjoy the trip without constantly worrying about finding your next charge station. The Bolt also costs less than most of its rivals, making it a no-brainer for eco-friendly road trips.

Best for fuel efficiency: Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda has been lauded for cars that seemingly run forever and the Accord is no exception. With both city and highway ratings of 48 mpg, those seeking a fuel efficient road trip should look to the Honda Accord Hybrid. Beyond being a stellar fuel sipper, the Accord Hybrid is very roomy while still compact, with enough space for hauling people or gear with ease. Honda has been making the Accord for 40 years and there are plenty of models to choose from, but the 2019 Honda Accord LX is our favorite for road trips.

Best for Car Camping: Volkswagen Westfalia Camper

VW’s Westfalia Camper may be the quintessential hippie van, but there is a reason why people are still seeking out these old beauties today. The Westfalia has been a go-to for outdoor lovers and road trippers since it hit the road in the late 50s. With the Westfalia set up, you can live on the road for weeks on end. There’s a small kitchen with a propane-powered stove and propane-powered fridge, a small sink, and plenty of available storage areas for dishes, utensils or a few road treasures. One of the beds is stowed in the pop-up roof. The two front captain seats are big and comfy. The interior is incredibly simplistic and spacious — you can easily stand up and walk around in the van. If this vehicle has any cons, it’s that it’s slow (like really slow) and the engine can easily get over-worked. But if you are looking to take your time on the open road, the Westfalia is definitely for you.

Best For Hauling Gear & Toys: Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra has built a lot of cred over the years when it comes to off-roading, hauling, and being an all-around dependable pickup truck. In comparison to its sibling, the Tacoma, the Tundra has a massive bed for hauling your gear, a roomy cab for people (or more gear), and can haul up to 10,100 lbs and still gets about 18 mpg with a load. It’s perfect for folks headed to the mountains or desert with their toys or camper in tow.

Best for Long Destinations: Ford Mustang GT

Besides being a legendary car, Ford Mustang GT is an excellent vehicle for cruising long distances. The interior is incredibly comfortable and while it isn’t the most roomy vehicle, it is more than capable of hauling you and a passenger plus your luggage. The Mustang’s independent suspensions setup takes corners like it was made for cruising — because it was. Besides being a reliable long distance vehicle, the Mustang GT is just plain fun to drive.

Best for Top Down Cruising: Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 Miata practically wrote the book on the roadster and it’s the best selling two-seater of all time. The MX-5 is a two-seat, rear wheel convertible with a fantastic six-speed manual. It’s perfect for those who have a passion for driving and like to be able to truly feel the car. The MX-5 is really for an escape: there aren’t many bells and whistles and there’s not a lot of room. That’s because the caris the fun and the joy comes from simply driving it. Just you, the open road, wind in your hair and sunshine on your skin… that’s what the MX-5 is all about.

Best All Around Road Tripper: Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru has been a long time favorite for road warriors and it’s not hard to see why. They are reliable, practical, capable, and affordable. The Crosstrek checks all those boxes and some. It has well-rounded character and excellent gas mileage of 27 mpg city and 33 mpg highway, plus its rugged durability makes this the top choice for weekends on the open road or in the mountains. The other great thing about Subaru is it’s fairly easy to find used models in really good condition.

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How to Prepare for the Ultimate Road Trip Across America

It’s no secret that America is a country filled to the brim with wonder and beauty. From the stunning forests and hidden natural wonders all the way to the quirky tourist spots and massive culturally enriched cities, America is truly a place that can only be fully appreciated in its entirety. This is why the American road trip remains to be one of the most popular trips in the entire world. Starting in California and ending on the East Coast, the American road trip can include any and all states, visit countless tourist spots or none at all, and still be the most amazing journey of a lifetime.

However, as with any big adventure, the way that you prepare can either make or break the entire experience. With this being said, the team at FlipRide have worked hard to provide our amazing readers with the ultimate preparation outline for an amazing road trip across America. Through this, we hope you can prepare for this adventure in style, ensure that nothing goes wrong along the way, and share your adventure with all of us when you return.

The 5 Best Vehicles for Road Tripping

Although it likely won’t come as a surprise, the car you choose for any road trip is highly important. Whether you’re simply travelling to a nearby state or going across the entire country, the car you choose must be reliable, comfortable, spacious enough for your travel needs, and have a decent fuel economy level.

While some travelers initially lean towards big RV’s or trucks, a large portion of these vehicles get very bad gas mileage. However, with a bit of research on the most efficient and comfortable rides on the market, we’ve compiled this list of five of the most reliable long-distance travel vehicles out there.

2018 Buick Regal TourX

The 2018 Buick TourX is a beautiful combination of all of the positives that come with an SUV and all of the efficiency found in a wagon. Although some have found this vehicle’s cabin to not be as comfortable as other similar wagon and SUV options on the market, its 24 MPG combined fuel economy along with its adequate storage space and sleek exterior make up for this with ease.

You can easily find this vehicle used for anywhere between $20,000 and $31,000, and its 4.4/ 5 consumer rating on Kelley Blue Book definitely proves its worthiness for any and all American road trips.

2020 Hyundai Palisade

The 2020 Hyundai Palisade is a modern and sleek SUV with three rows of seating, high-tech features ranging from USB ports in every row all the way to Apple Carplay and an 8-Inch touch screen, and 10/10 safety rating by US News. This vehicle is perfect for the big family or group of friends looking to travel the country in style and surprisingly has a reasonable fuel economy of 22 MPG combined.

You can find one of these gems for anywhere between $31,000 to $41,000 today with ease and rest assured knowing your trip will be both cost-effective and comfortable.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban

As one of the largest vehicles on this list with seating for up to nine passengers at a time, the 2019 Chevrolet Suburban is ideal for big families, large groups of friends, and even the highly popular van lifestyle. However, as with any large vehicle, this Suburban has a less than ideal 16-18 MPG combined fuel economy. This is why we only recommend this vehicle for large parties or families looking for exceptional comfort during road trips.

The biggest perk of this vehicle quite possibly isn’t even the interior or gorgeous exterior, however. Instead, its ability to tow a 5th wheel or any other travel trailer makes it the perfect choice for extended American road trips and those looking to come back with more valuables than they left with.

2008 Dodge Durango

Before we begin discussing the specs on the 2008 Dodge Durango, it’s important to preface that this vehicle has a surprisingly low fuel economy of 15-16 MPG combined. If this is not something you are wanting for your next trip, this may not be the car for you. However, based on reliability and comfort alone, the Dodge Durango is a great choice and is also the cheapest selection on this list running for roughly $3,000 to $9,000 used.

What separates this vehicle from others on this list is its offroad capability with 4WD and its exceptional cargo space for any and all luggage you may have.

2017 Nissan Pathfinder

Lastly, the 2017 Nissan Pathfinder is the top rated and most fuel efficient vehicle on this list with a fuel economy of roughly 21 to 27 MPG. Although this particular vehicle is larger than other options, it is also equipped with driver assistance technology, parking assistance, and cameras in the front and back to keep your family or friends safe during the entirety of your adventure across America. You can typically find these vehicles used for anywhere between $20,000 to $35,000.

Now that you know some of the best vehicles for road tripping currently out there, let’s discuss what a vehicle needs to be ready for the road. No matter what vehicle you choose for your trip, the main things to focus on are fuel economy, reliability, cost-effectiveness, comfort, storage space, and durability in various environments. Through these things alone, you are sure to find the right transportation guaranteed.

Your Complete Vehicle Preparation Checklist

When preparing for a long distance trip, you will essentially want to review the same things that you would when buying a used car. With this being said, our ultimate list of what to check when buying a used car is a great way to ensure that any road trip vehicle is in perfect condition before hitting the road.

Additional things you will want to consider before heading out is whether or not you want to tow anything during the trip, how much storage space you will actually need, and whether or not your vehicle is equipped to handle snow or other rough environments that you may encounter when traveling between states at any given time.

With all of this considered, you will be sure to have the best vehicle for the trip and be ready to head out immediately on the adventure of a lifetime.

Here’s Some of our Favorite Destinations in America

Although an American road trip should always be taken from a very personal approach with destinations that truly resonate with you and the people you plan to experience it with, there are certainly some amazing spots for car enthusiasts that we at FlipRide strongly recommend.

Gateway Canyons Resort (Gateway, Colorado)

The Gateway Canyons Resort is the ultimate car enthusiasts destination. Founded by Discovery Channel’s John Hendricks, this amazing resort is full of rare cars, museums, and rich car history. You can also rent and drive an exotic vehicle or supercar for the day or head over to their offroad track for some fun with ATV’s and other offroading toys.

Petersen Automotive Museum (Los Angeles, California)

The Petersen Automotive Museum is one of the largest auto museums in the world and contains countless rare and exotic vehicles as well as film-featured cars like the 1992 Batmobile from Batman Returns, Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar’s Cars & Cars 2, as well as the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond movie Skyfall.

NASCAR Hall of Fame (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Whether you’re a tried and true Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan or simply a car enthusiast that wouldn’t mind seeing some of the most widely recognized vehicles and tracks in NASCAR history, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is home to over 50 interactive display, 40 racecar tracks, and 18 historic cars from the start of NASCAR until now.

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum (Auburn, IN)

If you’re the type that greatly enjoys antique or classic car shows, this is the perfect travel destination for you. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum is home to over 120 classic cars as well as nine car-themed galleries showing the history of these vehicles in full detail. It truly is the ultimate classic car enthusiasts destination for that very reason.

Tesla Factory (Fremont, CA)

Maybe you happen to be the proud owner of a Tesla or simply love the beauty and unique qualities that make these cars so luxurious in nature. Either way, there is truly something special about seeing these vehicles built in person. For this, the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California is the perfect place to visit. Visitors can view some of their most popular models out front and then head into the manufacturing zone for a firsthand view into the automated process used to make each and every one of these vehicles. Watch the robots do their work and be amazed at how precise the entire process truly is.

In the end, the ultimate American road trip isn’t defined by the places you go, the cars you drive, or even the destinations you choose to visit. Instead, every great adventure begins and ends with the strong bonds of the friends and family you bring along. If you are ready to make lasting memories with the ones you love dearly, then you are always ready to hit the road.

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The Ultimate DIY Guide to Starting Your Van Life Adventure

Whether you’re someone looking to find yourself before settling down or an all-out adrenaline junkie that wants to experience all that our world has to offer, the concept of van life may seem appealing to you to some degree. In fact, this concept is actually appealing to most Americans but the work and dedication it takes to get started is enough to make them rethink the decision before ever even starting.

However, for those that can’t seem to shake the van life dream and want to begin taking the first steps towards living on the road and traveling full-time, this ultimate guide is the perfect way to do so without a hitch (no pun intended). In this article, we at FlipRide will help you to navigate the entire process of becoming a nomadic van lifer in no time. We will not only go over the vehicle itself and the items needed to travel comfortably within it but the actual budget and insider’s secrets as well that are sure to get you out on the road and living life to the fullest with ease.

To do so, we will go over the main topics associated with this Bohemian lifestyle including the vehicle, some van life expert tips, the budget, materials, preparation checklists, and finishing touches all to lead to the most comfortable and positive experience possible. After all, life truly is an adventure, so why not take the road less travelled and make the most out of it while you can?

Start With a Highly Reliable Vehicle

Just as you would take time and really look high and low for the perfect house to buy for your family, the vehicle you choose for the nomadic lifestyle will be your home during this adventure and should be chosen wisely as well.

While there are many elements to consider when purchasing a quality van life vehicle, the biggest things to focus on are the reliability of the brand and model of the vehicle itself, the condition of the vehicle both mechanically and on the inside, how cost-effective it will be, whether or not it is capable of handling various different terrains, and how much space you will actually need for this journey.

So, let’s begin with the make and model as well as the condition of the specific vehicle you choose. For starters, the best choices for van life according to Van Clan are as follows:

  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Volkswagen Bus
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Ford Transit
  • School Bus
  • Renault Trafic
  • Knaus Boxdrive CUV
  • Citroen WildCamp
  • Four Wheel Campers
  • Mercedes-Benz Luton Box Van
  • Volkswagen California
  • Rivian Electric Truck
  • Sportsmobile Classic 4×4
  • Ram ProMaster

The benefit with choosing a vehicle that has been tested by multiple van life veterans throughout the years is that they not only will have tips to keep this vehicle in shape throughout your journey but will also be able to let you know from their personal experiences what they consider to be the pros and cons with these vehicles as well.

Fortunately, many of the vehicles that this van life magazine recommends are easy to find used online for a reasonable price and offer adequate space, fuel economy, and reliability. However, even beyond this list, there are countless vehicles that will serve your purpose that can be found for a reasonable price online. In fact, you are sure to find the best car for every kind of road trip if you only search in an effective manner, use the tips and tricks of insiders to your benefit, and set reasonable expectations for your van life experience.

Once you have chosen the right vehicle for your van life journey, the next step is creating an adequate packing situation within the vehicle and altering it however you must to best fit your necessities and make it less of a van and more of a home.
This is also where you will want to do a complete check of your used car’s interior and mechanical elements in order to ensure that the vehicle is road-ready.

Once your vehicle is approved for the road, altered to fit your new life, and shown to be a reliable and cost-effective living environment for your new Bohemian lifestyle, it’s time to delve deeper. To do this, your best bet is to turn to other ‘van lifers’ in order to find out the secret tips and tricks that truly take the experience from a beginner’s nightmare to an expert’s dream come true.

Find Other ‘Van Lifers’ to Learn Insider Secrets

When it comes to van life and living on the road, there is never a shortage of people and their experiences online to choose from. From families and couples to friend groups and people with their pets, there is sure to be a van life YouTube channel or blog that perfectly matches your own experience and provides useful tips and tricks when getting started.

For instance, if you and your family, friends, or significant other are hitting the road, you may want to know what things you will need to be comfortable and still have your own spaces in the vehicle. You may also want to know easy-to-make meals for more than one person and may want to consider different vehicles with the size of your group in mind. Luckily, all of these answers and more can be found on any of the family, friends, and couple van life pages found below:

Similarly, if you are a singular person hitting the road, your experience will absolutely be different from couples or groups. This is why finding reliable single travelers’ points of view is vital. Although there are a lot of single travelers to choose from, your best bet is to find one with a similar vehicle as you, a similar profession, the same gender, and traveling in the same way or same area.

The main reason for this is that single travelers have so much to offer regarding how to eat, sleep, pack, shower, and where to stay when on the road. However, these particular elements will alter the advice they give. While a male ‘van lifer’ might show you how to shave or tell you to pack only shirts and shorts, a female will have more in-depth packing and hygiene tips more often than not.

In the same sense, while someone with a photography job may tell you that all you need for your work on the road is a camera, some lighting equipment, and a laptop, a person that works in the restaurant industry may be able to show you how to get short-term gigs as you travel with ease.

Having said that, the five single travelers below are wonderful examples of the many ways you can travel alone and offer incredible insights into the real side of van life that is rarely seen on Instagram or in a positive nomad vlog series.

After learning from these people, you will want to start putting your plan all in place. The best way to do this is by looking at your finances, sticking to your budget, and keeping your expectations reasonable in nature.

Create an Educated Budget and Stick to it

According to Parked in Paradise, the average van life month costs roughly $850. This includes staying at free campsites, traveling infrequently to save on gas, and opting for low-cost meals and essentials.

On top of this, the initial purchase and conversion of your vehicle will likely cost anywhere between $4,000 to $40,000 depending on the type of vehicle and whether or not it is already converted for living. You will want to keep in mind that you will need extra storage space such as shelves or cabinets, a sleeping arrangement of some sort, a generator in case you ever become stranded, and safety precautions such as a satellite phone and a full first aid kit just to name a few.

Before hitting the road, you will also want to have a reliable set of clothes for all terrains, adventures, and temperatures as well as a set of utensils and toiletries in order to be fully capable of living entirely out of your vehicle.

With all of this accounted for, you will likely want to have anywhere between $15,000-$50,000 saved up for when you hit the road and will want to budget accordingly. If you are struggling with the budget process, there are many budgeting tools other travelers use to keep track of their finances that may be effective.

Equip Your Vehicle for the Nomadic Lifestyle

Once you have your budget in place, your next step is to actually execute your van conversion. Fortunately, there are many other van life experts that provide detailed guides in order to do this in the most cost-effective way possible.

After reviewing these guides in full, we at FlipRide have noticed one thing in particular. All of them have the same set of rules and additions that are sure to make the experience run as smoothly as possible.

These additions include a whole lot of storage converting, room for a bed or futon system, a kitchen addition with cabinets, a mini fridge, solar and lighting panels, and a potential bathroom setup as well. As long as your vehicle accounts for these main elements, you are sure to be able to hit the road without a problem whatsoever.

To help you along the way, be sure to check out The Vanual which offers guides for everything from construction and maintenance all the way to cooking and cleaning.

Mark off This Ultimate Van Life Checklist

Now that your vehicle is fully converted, your budget and budgeting tools are in place, and you are ready to hit the road, all that is left is marking off the checklist we’ve created below. Consider this checklist to be the ultimate van life checklist to help you consider things you may have not thought of until now before starting your journey.

Once this checklist is fully checked off, you can be sure that you are truly ready for your new lifestyle and will not have any issues as you start to travel across the nation.

Hit the Road in Style

Lastly, with everything packed, prepped, and ready to go, all that’s left is hitting the road. We recommend starting your journey early in the morning and having a set destination to get to every day that you travel. You may also want to make preparations ahead of time for work if you need to do hours on the road which require WiFi or need short-term gigs as you travel. We also recommend wearing something comfortable when you drive to keep yourself focused on the road and not on the comfort of your outfit.

By doing so, you can hit the road in style, be comfortable from day one on, and be able to always achieve your daily goals without fail. After all, as with anything in life, the key to van life is preparation and setting reasonable expectations. From there, the opportunities are truly endless.

Found the Perfect ‘Van Life’ Vehicle?

If you think you have the perfect vehicle for your new lifestyle transition but aren’t sure what to do next, head over to the FlipRide app to send an offer and streamline this often frustrating part of the van life transition in no time flat! At FlipRide, we believe that buying the ideal vehicle shouldn’t be a pain and that’s why we take the hassle out of the experience so you can get to converting your ‘home’ and hitting the road as soon as possible! See how it works and take that first major step today!

The Ultimate List of What to Check When Buying a Used Car

Inspecting your potential new-to-you car can be somewhat intimidating. You spent all this time searching for the right car. The pressure is on because you want to make sure you are spending your money wisely. There are so many things you need to look at and on top of it all, the owner is just standing there watching you.

I get it. It can be stressful. The good news? It doesn’t have to be.

The first thing to keep in mind when looking at your potential car is that the ball is in your court. You get to decide what you are willing to spend your money on and if this car is the right one for you. Take your time checking out the car and pay attention to anything you see that seems unusual or like a potential issue.

Another tip: make sure you are looking at the car in the daytime. You want to be able to see the car clearly, down to the smallest blemish it may have.

There are a lot of things to look for when buying a car and knowing what to look for is crucial. With this checklist in hand, you’ll be able to thoroughly inspect the car and save yourself from an expensive headache down the road.

Here are all the things to check when buying a used car.

Exterior Audit

  • Check for any dents, dings, scrapes or chips
  • Look for sign of rust
  • Check every panel for sign that it is out of place, misaligned, or has been replaced
  • Inspect the tires, paying special attention to tread and wear
  • Look behind the tires at the brake discs and pads for any sign of warp or wear
  • Check the lenses of headlights and taillights for sign of moisture or fog
  • Look under the car for any damage, leaks or anything that seems out of place
  • Be sure to check the roof of the car

Take A Peek Under the Hood

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
  • Check oil level and color
  • Pay attention to how clean the oil cap is
  • Brake fluid should be filled
  • Check transmission fluid, which should be pink and smell like oil
  • Check the antifreeze color, which should be green or orange
  • Look at the radiator for any sign of leak or discoloration
  • Look for any sign of corrosion, rust, discoloration or water

Interior Analysis

  • Make sure all windows roll up and down
  • Check the emergency brake is working properly
  • Try putting all seats back and forth, up and down, etc.
  • Try out all interior and exterior lights
  • Don’t forget to try out the dashboard lights
  • Note the mileage
  • Test blinkers and emergency flashers
  • Try the windshield wipers on every setting
  • Don’t forget the rear wipes
  • Beep the horn
  • Try out the radio and make sure to test different volumes for speaker damage
  • Try out the heat and AC
  • Carefully review the vehicle’s service history
  • Look under carpets for any stains or damage
  • Don’t forget to look in the trunk or bed

Take it for a Test Drive

  • Start the car and listen for any squeaks, knocks or other noises
  • When you start out driving, pay attention to how the car feels
  • Test the brakes
  • Drive it on the highway, if possible, to test acceleration
  • Be sure to make some turns to test maneuverability
  • If the car has a manual transmission, definitely go through all the gears
  • Parallel park to get a feel for any blind spots
  • When you park, get out and listen to how the car sounds
  • Look under the car for any drips

Bonus: how to stay safe on a test drive.

Looks good! Now what?

You’ve inspected the car, taken it for a drive, agreed on a price. Here comes the fun part: paperwork. With FlipRide, it’s really not so bad. You can pay the seller, have the title transferred over to you, and set up a Buyer Seller Agreement all from one free mobile app. And the best part is, it’s all documented and virtually effortless.

See how FlipRide works and get your new ride today!

7 Awesome Cars With Manual Transmissions You Need To Own

In an ever changing world that holds so many advancements in technology, it’s no wonder why some cars are becoming a thing of the past.

Even certain aspects of what made cars one of a kind, sporty, or in high demand are fading away. With more technology at our fingertips we are losing what makes most sports cars unique and well, sports cars. This includes the Manual Shift Transmission.

A great aspect of having a manual transmission is better fuel efficiency. Overall, the manual transmission engines are less complex, weigh less, and have more gears than automatics.

The end result is that you will end up getting more miles per gallon and smiles per gallon than you typically would with an automatic. Unless of course you are out burning up the streets with your sporty engine.

Nowadays the manual shift is nearly non existent. We have automatic transmissions with what they call, “manual options”, this is in no way the same as having a straight manual shift.

Yes, you are shifting the car manually, but it’s just not the same. There is something about the roar of the engine, the shifting of the clutch pedal beneath your left foot while you’re changing gears with your right hand.

It’s a powerful feeling to know that the car is working its magic, thanks to your awesome shifting skills of course. So what sets specific cars apart from the rest? Why are some of the older cars in more high demand than the brand new shiny rides sitting in a new car lot.

That manual shift, that’s why!

Let’s say you are out there looking for a new to you “used” sports car with a kicking manual shift, would you know exactly what you’re looking for. Likely not, unless you are an automotive connoisseur of sorts.

So let me help you out with your endeavor a bit, let’s look at 7 of the hottest must have used cars that offer a manual shift.

7. The Ford Mustang GT

Oh yes, the Mustang GT, what more could you ask for. This American Icon is definitely a must have with a manual shift, just be careful, the new GT’s don’t come with a straight manual anymore.

This is why finding a used one is in your best interest when looking. This iconic car features a 6 speed manual transmission, the manual transmissions tend to put up with a lot more abuse than the automatics, and are generally faster if you know how to drive them properly.

If you are looking for that classic muscle car feeling, you can’t go wrong with a standard gearbox Mustang GT.

The feeling of knowing which gear you are in, choosing your own RPMs and controlling with your foot how much power is going down the driveshaft to your rear wheels are all part of this manual experience.

6. The Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z is a two door, two seater sports car that was produced from 2002 until 2009 and manufactured by Nissan Motor Corporation.

The 350Z coupe comes available in 5 trim packages, which include, 350Z Base, Enthusiast, Performance, Touring, and my personal favorite the Track Edition.

In January of 2005, Nissan introduced the 35th Anniversary 6-speed manual models and Track models. These included the updated 300 HorsePower/260 Torque engines, as well as the new updated CD009 manual transmission.

The 350Z also did very well in sales through its 7 year run, but how could you resist such a sporty car with a very well made manual transmission.

Check out the sales stats yourself, selling over 30,000 several years in a row. These bad boys are still in high demand nowadays and would make an awesome addition to anyone’s driveway or garage.

If you get a wild hair, you could also build it into the perfect cheap drift car!

5. The Honda S2000

It seems many people have forgotten about the wonder that is the Honda S2000. Produced from 1999 to 2009 by Honda Motorcars, this sporty two door is memorable for its exceptional power output of about 124 horsepower per liter, or about two horsepower per cubic inch, the highest of any mass production sports car of the time.

The Honda S2000 features a front mid-engine rear wheel drive setup, with power delivered by a 122 cubic inch Inline four-cylinder DOHC-VTEC engine. The engine generates power outputs of 237 to 247 horsepower.

It is also capable of producing 151 to 161 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission and a limited slip differential.

Did I mention that it revs all the way to 9,000RPM? Well, it does and it’s glorious.

Making the Honda S2000 a great purchase when looking for a used manual shift ride.

4. The Porsche Cayman GT4

With a curb weight coming in at just 2,955lbs, the Porsche Cayman GT4 is a top contender without a doubt. If you know much about sports cars, you probably aren’t shocked that a Porsche wound up in our top 7.

With a 3.8 liter 6-speed manual transmission, the sporty little number can pull 385 horsepower and 309 lb-ft of torque. The Cayman GT4 only needs 4.2 seconds to hit 60 mph from a completely standing still start, and it holds a top speed of 183 to 188 mph. Really impressive if you ask me.

Depreciation values on the GT4 are also very low, these cars are in high demand even when purchasing a used one. In fact, buying it used is the better option. They have started taking your choice away between an automatic or a manual.

The first generation of Cayman GT4’s only come in manual. which is a reason to celebrate! However, in late 2020 the latest version will have a PDK option available.

3. The Chevrolet Corvette

Number three, here we are with another classic American sports car. The Chevrolet is still rocking and rolling to this day, but again let’s look at a used Corvette with a true straight manual transmission.

The first Corvette was introduced late in the 1953 at the New York Auto Show, it generated enough interest to entice General Motors to make a production version that they could sell to the public. The very first production of this iconic car was on June 30, 1953.

To this day the Chevrolet Corvette has still been going strong on the sports car forefront. We are going to focus on the 2005 to 2013 model years. With a 6.0 liter V8, a 6.2 liter V8, a 7.0 liter V8, and a 6.2 liter Supercharged V8, these sports cars are capable of 638 horsepower, and 604 lb-ft of torque.

Purchasing a used Chevrolet Corvette would be an ideal situation, and a great opportunity to get behind the wheel of a very impressive manual shift sports car.

2. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

How can we forget this amazing piece of machinery that comes with a manual option, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

With impressive numbers this car has 717 horsepower and 656 lb-ft of torque, all thanks to the beastly supercharged 6.2 liter V8. Talk about some very impressive specs on this guy.

The Dodge Challenger has been around since 1969 and is still going strong today. The first SRT Hellcat model was produced in 2015, and is a high performance variant of the Challenger equipped with a supercharged 6.2 liter HEMI engine that is rated at 707 horsepower and 650 lb⋅ft of torque.

This sports car also has some special features, this SRT Hellcat is equipped with two separate key fobs which have completely different purposes. When you are ready to hit the road, you use the black key fob to limit the engine output to 500 horsepower max. Meanwhile you also have the red key fob which enables full output capability.

This Challenger Hellcat has a quarter mile time of 10.85 seconds with 11.2 second at 125 mph on the quarter mile. I couldn’t imagine getting those types of numbers, or that type of performance from an automatic transmission.

Last, but certainly not lease, my favorite:

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

This version of the Ford Mustang has to be one of my all time favorites, the 526 horsepower, 5.2 liter V8 is equipped with a Tremec 6 speed manual transmission. Just like it’s name, this pony is always ready for a good run.

With a life long track record of being one of the top sports cars, the GT350 does not disappoint. The first production years for the Generation One GT350 was from 1965 to 1970, and is still in production to this day.

For their 45th anniversary of the original 1965 Shelby GT350, they unveiled an all new GT350 Mustang at opening night of the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ. Which left Mustang fans in awe of its power and splendor.

Purchasing one of these manual shift rides wouldn’t be a bad investment by any means.

In Conclusion:

You can never go wrong with picking any of these awesome manual transmission beauties. If you’re looking for raw power right at your fingertips, look no further than these 7 amazing cars.

The raw power surging through your foot as you bear down on the clutch, and the sensation you feel as you’re reaching over and shifting gears, that feeling of power can’t be felt in any automatic transmission out there.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and find you one of these treasures, and get out on the road and enjoy the nostalgia. There’s nothing better out there than a manual transmission, and a whole ton of horsepower.

7 Trucks and SUV’s That are Perfect for Overlanding

What is overlanding exactly? Overlanding is long distance vehicle based exploration, where the journey and the experience are the main goal, rather than conquering obstacles like a typical off-road rig.

There are many things to consider when buying a vehicle for this type of adventure. Is it reliable? Will it be the right set-up for me and my family? Are parts and after-market support readily available?

These are all questions to keep in mind and ask yourself while purchasing your dream adventure rig. There will be pros and cons to any vehicle, but finding one that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle is the ultimate goal for anyone looking to get into the adventure based vehicle life.

There are a lot of good choices out there in the world, but we will be sticking to vehicles that you can readily buy domestically in the United States.

Here are seven of our top picks of trucks and suv’s that just may be perfect adventure for you.

1. Toyota 4Runner.

SOURCE: Driving Line

By far the 4Runner is currently one of the most popular choices for overlanding. It’s proven track record of reliability, capability off road and endless supply of aftermarket accessories make it a great choice. More specifically the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation of this iconic SUV have been a popular choice for beginner and seasoned overland explorers everywhere. The 4Runner has circled the globe and has taken numerous people on the adventure of a lifetime.

2. Jeep Wrangler (4-door)

Jeeps have a proven track record spanning back to the battlefields of WWII. Rugged, capable and easy to maintain is the name of the game for Jeep Wranglers. We specifically chose the four door version because on long exploration journeys the extra space is ideal for hauling gear, friends and family, pets, etc.

Parts and aftermarket accessories are often easier to come by and are cheaper than other vehicles on this list, making the Jeep a clear choice for outfitting and accessorizing your overland adventure setup.

3. Toyota Tacoma

Blessed with the same reliability as its brother the 4Runner, the Toyota Tacoma is perfect for overlanding if you like the option of having an open truck bed instead of the confining walls from an SUV.

Though not as spacious on the interior as an SUV, the Tacoma boasts an endless array of customizable options for the truck bed, which may be exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to tailoring an adventure vehicle to your specific needs.

4. Toyota Land Cruiser (80 series)

When you think rugged off-road vehicle, the Toyota Land Cruiser is one that should definitely come to mind.

Originally built with rough terrain and exploration in mind, the Land Cruiser has been a popular choice from militaries across the globe to African safaris. The Land Cruiser is a clear fantastic choice for an overland rig. Toyota reliability helps the Land Cruiser withstand even the harshest of obstacles.

While a great choice overall, these vehicles are becoming harder to come by, which means parts are becoming more scarce. The Land Cruisers value has been gradually increasing as well. So if you’re looking for the perfect adventure vehicle that is also an investment and will hold its value, this is it.

5. Land Rover Discovery 2

When most people think Land Rover, they think luxury. In reality these vehicles are extremely capable off-road. Though not quite as reliable as the Toyotas on this list, the Land Rover is easily maintainable with some know how and elbow grease.

The trade-off here is some of the fantastic Land Rover features that come from the factory. Adjustable air ride suspension, optional locking differentials, and even a diesel engine option make it a great off road machine. There is also endless aftermarket options to outfit this rig to your specific lifestyle needs.

6. Nissan Xterra

Often overlooked, the Nissan Xterra makes a fantastic overland rig for multiple reasons. It is a decently reliable vehicle with regular maintenance. It’s very capable off-road and boasts a very torquey 4-wheel drive system.

Aftermarket accessories aren’t as readily available as a Jeep or a Toyota, but everything you could want or need to outfit this rig is still out there. One of the best upsides to the Nissan Xterra is that it is so overlooked. Meaning this rig can be had for an extremely affordable price point, and it will take you everywhere you could dream of exploring.

7. Ford E-350 4×4

Though, not quite falling under the truck and SUV categories, we had to mention the E-350. Yes, this is the painters van sitting outside of your next-door neighbors house. The Ford
E-350 came in a 4X4 configuration which makes them very capable vehicles. They are often sold as blank slates, which means the amount of customization options are limitless.

With people noticing its validity in the overland community, the amount of aftermarket options are growing rapidly. This is by far the most spacious vehicle on this list as well, which means you can actually transform it into a full camper if you wanted.

Notably, an E-350 that has been outfitted for overlanding is for sure going to turn heads and get the attention of onlookers everywhere.

In Conclusion

Though there is arguably a seemingly endless list of great options out there, we wanted to bring you a list of our seven top picks and the reasons why we liked them.

What do you think would make a perfect overland vehicle and why?

3 Sneaky Ways Car Dealerships Rip You Off and Take Your Money

Purchasing a new car can be a big deal. It’s not like you will just walk up and take the first one they present to you without a second thought. We all have different tastes, styles, and needs when looking at making such a large purchase.

Think about it, there are a couple of things in your life that you will purchase with a hefty price tag, one being a house, and the other being a car. It’s definitely not a purchase to take lightly, or to walk into blindly. Most dealerships are hoping for the customer to be in the dark on the way things work, and how things are figured up in the sale.

Like any trade, they have their tricks to make the most profit for themselves without a second thought about how they may or may not be ripping you, the customer, off.

I’m sure you’re wondering how they swindle you for more money than what you see on that sticker price in the window, well, you’ve come to the right place to find out the sneaky ways behind the rip offs of the dealership purchase.

The Four Square Method

First, let me introduce you to what they call the “Four Square Method”. This is where the dealer will take your information on what you have as a trade in. After that they will look at the sticker price of the car you are wanting, and they’ll talk with you about down payments and monthly payments. Doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Wrong!

Even if your trade is a halfway decent car, their job is to pick every bit of that trade you have to pieces. From the paint, to the seat cloth, to the smallest chip in the windshield.

Their goal is to get your trade for as cheap as possible, because the cheaper they get it for, the more money they make. When they make you that trade in offer, they aren’t even coming close to what that trade will actually sell for. Think of it as a bait and switch type of situation.

Have you ever wondered exactly how car dealerships make their profits? It’s actually a lot more simple than you think. Alongside the cheap trade value they’re trying to make you feel is a good deal, they’re priming you for the up sale of all sorts of warranty extras.

The “Warranty Extra’s” Angle

Keep in mind, most if not all manufacturers have their own warranties that come with a new vehicle. Yet dealerships will sit you down in financing and go over all these additional warranties, and do anything to convince you why you, the consumer, need all these warranties.

Truth be told, you don’t need a single one of them. Take for instance I took my mom to get a brand new shiny car. She was so excited, but it was overwhelming for her not knowing what she should and shouldn’t do.

When they pulled her into that office and started talking extended warranties with her, they were trying to sell her the exact same warranty that comes from the manufacturer. Why would you need two of the exact same warranties? That’s the thing, you don’t.

So where does that money go for the extended warranty you just purchased, but didn’t actually need? Into the pockets of those car dealerships, that’s where. They just got you for even more money and more profit for them.

Did you know that warranty sales are the #1 highest grossing area in a car dealership, second is the service department. If you didn’t know that, now you do.

I know what you are thinking, “That is a lot of ways to rip me off.” but take heart, there’s more.

The Hidden Fees, OH MY!

That’s right, there are actually many more ways a dealership can and will rip you off. Have you ever looked at all the documentation, and hidden fees they charge you? If you haven’t you yourself a favor and take a look, even demand to see an itemized print out of all the fees.

You’ll find things like, “Document Fees”, those aren’t actually a thing. This is made up by the dealer to charge you more. There is also another “Delivery Fee” some dealers add on, which is completely separate from the manufacturers destination charge. There should only be ONE charge for destination, nothing more. This is a dealership’s way of double dipping.

I have even seen what a dealer called the “Advertising Charge”. Keep in mind, advertising is part of owning and operating a company. Most dealerships are also given an advertising budget by the manufacturer for which they are mainly selling for. Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, etc.

This Advertisement Charge is nothing more than another way of getting more money out of you.

Even when you walk in the door feeling confident that there is simply no way that they can pull a fast one over on you, think again. Or you’re thinking “surely they can’t take anymore of your hard earned money.” You’re wrong.

You have to be very knowledgeable and vigilant with every tiny little detail. They are trained to maximize their profits no matter the cost to you.

Next time you’re in the market for a sweet new ride, remember all these tiny details to keep an eye out for. Knowledge is power, and the dealerships can’t rip off a thoroughly educated customer.

How can you avoid these dealer fees and rip-offs?

When you find the used car that you want, you can easily finance it through FlipRide. We show you the most competitive rates from different banks so you can make the best decision for your situation.

At FlipRide we make sure the whole process is fast, easy and transparent. The seller gets paid and the buyer goes home with a sweet new ride, all from the ease of home.

Selling a car private party has always been tedious and complicated, until now.

When you buy or sell a car using FlipRide, all of these annoying little details are taken care of for you. In minutes, not days. We take care of the title transfer, sale agreement contract, get the buyer a loan, and pay the seller. See how it works and get in the express lane.

Top 10 Cars To Own With The Slowest Depreciation

Depreciation, or the rate at which a vehicle loses value over time, is a term most car owners are familiar with. In a nutshell, it’s the difference between how much your vehicle was worth when you bought it versus how much it’s worth when you sell it.

You may have heard the expression about a car losing value the moment it’s driven off the lot. While it sounds cliché, there’s a lot of truth in that statement. Most brand new vehicles lose around 10 percent of their value the second it leaves the lot. In the first year, most vehicles will lose up to 20 percent of their original value. Keep fast-forwarding to the five-year mark and you’re still looking at a loss, on average up to 60 percent from the car’s original price tag. It sounds depressing, but the good news is that it’s totally normal.

But what makes a car’s value decrease, anyway? A couple of things.

One reason is just plain old perception. People value things that are new and to the average person, new means untouched. The more you use your car, the less new it is to its next owner.

Fuel prices can impact depreciation, too. Big trucks and SUVs that don’t get great gas mileage will have a faster depreciation rate than smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles — especially when fuel prices are high.

The two things that affect the depreciation the most are time and mileage. Simply put, the more you use your car and the longer you have it, the less value it has. Sure, you could keep mileage to a minimum in an effort to preserve your vehicle’s value, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a car, doesn’t it?

Instead, consider investing in a vehicle that will hold its value for longer. A recent report analyzed more than 7.7 million new and used cars to determine which cars hold the most value in the first five years. While most cars depreciate at almost 50 percent in the first five years, ten cars stand apart from the rest.

Get the most value from your vehicle with one of these top ten cars with the slowest depreciation rate:

1 – Jeep Wrangler Unlimited


Average 5-year depreciation: 30%

Jeep has become known for making rugged, durable vehicles. Now, they’re becoming known for holding their value, too. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has the slowest depreciation rate on the market – a rate that is nearly 20 percent lower than the average vehicle.

2 – Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Average 5-year depreciation: 31.5%

Just like it’s sibling in the number one spot, Jeep Wrangler has a slow depreciation rate, durable build, and a loyal brand following. Three things that contribute to high resale value.

3 – Toyota Tacoma


Average 5-year depreciation: 32%

Much like Jeep, Toyota has become known for its reliable vehicles. The Toyota Tacoma is a sturdy truck with a 32% depreciation rate, making it one of the best trucks you can buy or sell used.

4 – Toyota Tundra

Average 5-year depreciation: 35.9%

The Toyota Tundra echos its cousin above, only with a slightly faster depreciation rate. Coming in with a 35.9%, the Tundra is a little bigger than the Tacoma and a great all-around truck to buy or sell used.

5 – Toyota 4Runner

Average 5-year depreciation: 36.5%

Toyota’s trusty midsized SUV, the 4Runner, has had a loyal following since day one. With a reputation for ruggedness and reliability, the slower-than-average depreciation rate only adds to the 4Runner’s overall value.

6 – Porsche 911

Average 5-year depreciation: 37.2%

Sports cars are often thought of as “dream cars” and the Porsche 911 certainly lives up to its hype. This beloved model of Porshe’s well-respected brand has the slowest depreciation rate of any other sports car on the market. Now that’s a real dream car.

7 – Honda Ridgeline

Average 5-year depreciation: 38.1%

Honda is a much-respected brand and with a relatively slow depreciation rate, the Ridgeline is an excellent choice for a compact, sturdy truck with solid resale value.

8 – Nissan GT-R

Average 5-year depreciation: 39.4%

Nissan doesn’t widely produce the GT-R, making it a hot item for sports car enthusiasts. A reliable car that holds its value well, making the GT-R an all-around good vehicle.

9 – Nissan Frontier

Average 5-year depreciation: 39.5%

The same goes for Nissan’s Frontier. This midsized pickup is a popular option for those looking for a practical truck with great resale value.

10 – Subaru WRX

Average 5-year depreciation: 40%

Last but certainly not least, the Subaru WRX. Subaru has gained a loyal following with its many models. The WRX is a great compact car known for excellent handling and all-wheel drive. While 40 percent depreciation rate isn’t fantastic, it’s a solid 10 percent lower than the average.

Found the used car of your dreams?

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FlipRide will also transfer the car title and set up a Buyer Seller Agreement for you. Not only is the tedious paperwork taken care of, it’s documented and virtually effortless. There’s no standing in line at the bank with a stranger. There’s no hassle of finding and printing the documents you need. You won’t have to try to create your own written agreement. And what’s even better — all of this can be done from one free, easy-to-use app.

With FlipRide, you not only have transparency and clarity — you have security. Get started with FlipRide today. Who knows, you might be getting paid or driving a new set of wheels by tomorrow.

It’s free to sell with FlipRide.

Sell your car, transfer the title, and get paid. Download FlipRide today to see what it’s all about.

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How To Stay Safe When Buying or Selling A Used Vehicle

When it was time for me to sell my first car, my excitement was swiftly overridden with anxiety. I had dreamed of upgrading my car for years, but now that the moment was here it felt so far out of reach. I didn’t know the first thing about selling a car. I wanted a newer vehicle and I knew this meant that it was important to sell my current vehicle for the most I possibly could.

My other big motivation? Stay safe. As a woman in my mid-twenties, I knew I could be a potential target for scams, robbery or worse. I didn’t want to be taken advantage of and I definitely didn’t want to be in a situation that made me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

I weighed my options.

I could go to a dealership. This could save me some time and hassle, but walking in already confused about the process made me feel uneasy. Would I be taken advantage of and walk away selling my car for a lower price than I really wanted? Did I feel like dealing with the typical pushy used car salesman? Would I feel good about the whole thing in the end? My gut said no.

I could sell it privately. This route would take more time and work. It would also allow me to negotiate a price that I felt really good about and sell my car without any hidden costs. It also meant I would be able to reach a lot more potential buyers that were avoiding dealerships for the same reason I was. This felt better. I decided to go for it.

Once my car was listed on Craigslist, I began to get calls from interested buyers. As I sifted through an inbox full of strangers, that familiar anxiety bubbled up again. My head swirled with questions. What should I do now? How can I stay safe while giving a total stranger a fair chance to check out my car? What about the money part? What if they don’t have cash and I have to navigate other means of payment? What if it’s a scam? What if they drive off with my car during a so-called test drive?

All in all, my experience ended very positively — not only did I get paid what I wanted for my car, the exchange went off without a hitch. Whether you are buying a car that is new-to-you or selling your car, the following guidelines will keep you safe and sane while navigating the process of transferring a used vehicle.

Thoroughly Vet Potential Buyers

  • Talk to every potential buyer or seller on the phone.
  • If someone refuses to call you, move on to the next person.
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable on the phone, simply hang up.
  • Ask lots of questions to make sure the buyer or seller is serious. Ask specific questions about the car, the condition, and why the person is buying or selling.
  • Don’t be overly eager to get through the process. Be cautious with buyers or sellers that are overly aggressive with negotiating or rushing you through questions.

Meet on Neutral Ground

  • Never meet a potential buyer or seller at your own home or at their home.
  • Meet in a neutral public location like a parking lot.
  • Meet during the day.
  • Bring someone with you to the meeting. You are much less likely to be harmed with someone else present.

Take a Safe Test Drive

  • Only schedule a test drive with serious buyers or sellers that you have been able to talk to on the phone.
  • Ask who will be coming to the test drive and be wary of evasive answers.
  • Ask the potential buyer or seller for a copy or photo of their drivers license and if possible, leave it with a third party.
  • Have someone come along on the test ride. If this isn’t possible, make sure to tell someone where you are going, who you are meeting, and where you met them.
  • Keep your cell phone with you. Don’t leave your wallet or keep any valuables in the car.
  • Sellers should accompany the potential buyer on the ride. Keep the ride short and drive through populated areas.

Negotiate and Sell Safely

  • Never drive the potential buyer or seller to another location. Have them make their own arrangements and meet you there.
  • Have all paperwork ready beforehand and do not sign anything until you have payment.
  • Do not show the money, especially cash, until you are ready to buy.

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