Become a Lending Partner

Become a Lending Partner.

Join the newest, most revolutionary way to buy or sell a car.


What is FlipRide?

FlipRide is an app that simplifies and streamlines private-party auto transactions for both the buyer and the seller.

  • Simplifies a tedious and complex process.

  • Protects both the buyer and the seller.

  • Offers buyers a car loan.

  • Pays the seller through ACH direct deposit.

  • Takes care of the title transfer.

  • Establishes a bill of sale for both parties.

A new channel of loans.

Put your loan services and your brand directly in front of a new generation of customers.


Better branch support for auto loans.

Simply give your auto loan customers a link to apply for a loan in their FlipRide app. They’ll only see loans from your service.

This is great for supporting customers who visit your branch with complex auto loan needs.

Connect in Dealertrack.

Doing business together starts with the flip of a switch in DealerTrack.


Integrity is our priority.

From ID verification of applicants, to the security maintenance of our software, compliance and security are the backbone of FlipRide.

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