It started with the sale of an old Mustang in the countryside.

Travis Hawkes found a great starter car for his son … a legendary Mustang. The sellers were located 50 miles away, in the Idaho countryside.

Travis made the trip to testdrive the car, and found it to be a great find for his son.

Unfortunately, he forgot his checkbook, and had to return the next day, 100 miles later. And when he got home with his son’s new car, Travis realized the title didn’t have the seller’s signature.

Instead of making another round trip, Travis (trustingly) sent the title back to the seller’s signature.

Buying and selling a car shouldn’t be this hard.

We hear all kinds of stories about sketchy buyers and sellers, problems with the title, and experiences gone bad.

We’re here to change the auto industry. Not just to make private-party transactions simpler and safer, but to give the buyer a convenient loan, and ways to protect their new car.

We want the transaction to take 20 minutes or less. And we want to make that 20 minutes easy.

Buying a car is an incredibly exciting experience. Selling a car gives way to new opportunity. We want to make this transaction better than it’s ever been.

We know the auto industry, and how to make it better.

Today, Travis is CEO of FlipRide. He and David Gardener, CFO, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from the auto industry. Ricky Lyman, CTO, has been building technology products for over a decade. Together, they’re working to revolutionize the auto industry.

We’re taking off in the place where we live and love–Idaho. Throughout 2020, with your help, we’ll launch FlipRide across the nation.