Introducing FlipRide – The fastest way to buy or sell a car

Cashless car transactions.

FlipRide is the fast & safe way to buy or sell a used car. Do it all safely from your phone.


It’s not a dealer. It’s not a marketplace.

FlipRide helps you complete a private-party transaction from your phone.


The safest way to get paid for your car.

Get your payment deposited directly to your bank through ACH. No worrying about bounced checks or carrying cash.

Get a great car loan right from your phone.

Select loan offers from banks you trust. Get a great rate that is competitive with local and national banks.

Transfer the title automatically.

Don’t want to go to the bank or DMV with a stranger? FlipRide does all the busywork of transferring a title, automatically.

We protect the Buyer, Seller and the car.

You and the car are safe with a reliable data trail of your transaction throughout the entire process.

Safe Mobile Payment

Your payment is run digitally to protect everyone. You have the option for a cash down payment, if it works for both parties.

Sales Agreement

A legally binding agreement is created to show the sale. It’s a receipt to keep everyone honest in the case of a dispute.

ID Verification

The identity of both the Buyer and Seller are validated to keep everyone safe and ensure a successful transaction.

Our customers love us!


Works with all marketplaces.

Promote your car on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or even the side of the street. We’ll even help you list your car on a marketplace, completely free.