Integrated Auto Financing

A new channel of loans, revenue & customers for Credit Unions.

Serve private-party auto loans from a white label app. Sell Gap Insurance & Service contracts automatically.


A new way to support private-party transactions.

No longer turn down private-party prospects. With FlipRide, you can offer auto financing right from your website or business app with minimal integration.

  • A streamlined process to capture your customers and free up your Loan Officers.

  • It’s exactly like working directly with a dealer. Pre-approvals, loan applications in Dealertracks and loan packet’s delivered directly to you.

  • Create a new revenue channel with Gap Insurance and Service Contracts …

Upsell your loans without lifting a finger.

You read that right. You bring the customers, and we will upsell them with Gap Insurance and Service Contracts.

FlipRide will pay you 100% of upsells on your deals. We’ve partnered with 1st Secured Administrators to create some great offers.

Make $350 on Gap Service upsells, and an average of $500 on Service Contacts upsells.


Integrity is our priority.

From ID verification of applicants to the security maintenance of our software, compliance and security are the backbone of FlipRide.

We encrypt all data in transit using HTTPS and logically isolate customer data. Storage, messaging and authentication data are encrypted at rest.

Our technology is certified under major privacy and security standards, including ISO and SOC compliance.

Connect in Dealertrack.

FlipRide leverages the power and security of DealerTrack to bring you a new channel of loan applications.

We’ll work with your team to establish a connection through DealerTrack.

After that, your bank will receive loan applications just like you do from dealerships.


Request a demo.

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